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Author: admin Post Date: Fri, 07/01/2011 - 12:19 Views: 0

When it comes to content management systems there are several options and two of the most popular are Drupal which is currently in a release candidate of its seventh version and Word press 3. Drupal web development is a tremendously popular way of creating and maintaining web sites. Websites using Drupal can be found at the home page of governments around the world, as well as the online homes of some of the biggest names in entertainment. Drupal theme development has also wooed over the hearts and minds of the people responsible for creating the online presence of giants in the news media, and corporate sector as well. Although both Wordpress and Drupal can both effectively create a simple blog for a single user, escalating above that level will present situations for which Drupal is far better suited.
The Drupal web design platform has the functionality needed to administer a site with a large number of users as opposed to a single individual, this and other social content in Drupal make it a no brainer. Offering thousands of modules for a wide variety features makes it wonderful way to create a full featured web site. The flexibility that allows for smoother flow in doing things, on the fly, so to speak is another feature that showcases the abundant use of Drupal web development. Unlike Wordpress, separate nodes added to a web site such as a blog, press release, or photo gallery would not require a separate appearance or method of moving around on the page. Drupal web design also would not require a separate database containing the user-names and passwords of users to a web site.
Drupal web design is also immensely popular because of the fact that it is very useful right off the bat when it comes to search engine optimization making it an excellent choice for those concerned with marketing that wan to get their sites name and out in a hurry without too much unnecessary effort. Drupal can allow you to place a wide variety of bells and whistles to your site with its ever expanding list of available moduless. Drupal offers modules for HTML mail, games, and the means to accept PayPal.
Drupal also allows web site owners to place things such as classified ads, as well as placing ads for which you get paid. There is a modules that will allow users to send private messages to each other. Website owners can also set up their sites where users can log in using Google or Yahoo id, eliminating the need to create a new user name and password. Modules are available thanks to the community of people who want to improve Drupal theme development to add contact forms to web pages as well. A module is available allowing the site to display boxes with user profile information and a picture as well. Web sites that want work with ads for sponsors can also utilize the module that will allow the owner to create rotating banners, this plug in supports both inline editing as well as drag and drop. But above all else is the main selling point of Drupal web development at least in today’s economy, it is free and everyone knows nothing beats free.

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