What’s New and Awesome in Drupal 7 and what’s not with Wordpress 3

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Author: admin Post Date: Wed, 07/06/2011 - 10:11 Views: 0

Currently, two of the most widely used Content Management Systems, Drupal and Wordpress, are in a battle for users and developers as each have produced major releases around the same time. If you have been keeping up with Drupal Development you know the Beta release of Drupal 7 moving along nicely. It is time to have a look at some of the new features and additions that will make Drupal 7 the best release ever.

To start, a large number of usability improvements have been made so that Drupal will be able to perform right out of the box with the addition of modules to the core installation. If you are into Drupal Web Design, you will be able to have a website up and running in minutes. For those that like to create their own style sheets, Drupal comes with a “naked” theme that allows you to setup your own custom CSS. This will allow you to create a more customized site with different content types and custom fields. Don’t try to do this with Wordpress since there are a lot of limitations to customization.

Theming flexibility is only changing for the better with Drupal 7. As with previous versions you could create a custom theme for content type, block, region or field. This allows you to lay out the site exactly how you want it for your Drupal Website Design. Unfortunately for Wordpress users, you are still stuck in the “frame” of the site and you don’t get the ability to customize the different types of content.

A great feature in Drupal Development that will now be added in the core installation is Image Styles. You are able to set features of your images such as scaling, cropping or changing to grayscale. Drupal does this for you by modifying the one image you upload. No more spending time creating multiple images! The best part: this is a completely automated process, so just upload and go. If you want to do the same thing in Wordpress you can get the add-on module for resizing and cropping but this only works in posts.

Menu management is most likely the best feature of Drupal 7. Since you often have no customization options for menus in Wordpress, developers often find themselves hard-coding the menus into the theme. With Drupal Web Design you will get true menu management in and easy to use interface that allows drag-and-drop editing.

When comparing the two platforms it is easy to see the Drupal is the clear winner with Drupal Website Design becoming the fastest and easiest way to manage your site. There are big features come in the next release that takes Drupal to a whole new level as a Content Management System. There are simply areas that Wordpress doesn’t excel such as security, power and flexibility and doesn’t look like it is going to catch up any time soon. Drupal is now poised to become a very powerful tool in the world of web development.

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